~Free women~
“Dear sister of mine…
I would like to remind you of your most magnificent gift that you possess. 
• That, what you seek, can be experienced • 
Let me unfold it for you, to show it to you…
I would like you to believe that the universe is ready for you.
For your shining. 
For your all-consuming blaze.
You brought a gift to earth, that everyone is due. 
• You are this gift, the miracle of life • 
Dare to exist sensually. Listen to your soul, body, gut feelings, as you are woman. 
Dear sister of mine…
It's time to step out into the light, to unveil the essence of life for others. 
• We are creation itself • 
• Our womb is sacred and fruitful • 
We are the messengers and providers of lust, as our bodies can forge the deepest pain into
pleasure…” by Barbara Oláh
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